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Here are some Civil War items found in Virginia.

This is how a lot of soldiers entertained themselves around camp when all was quite on the war front. This is a working toy cannon which is made of lead. Soldiers made items such as bullet carvings, id badges, poker chips, and yes, even toy cannons out of their lead. The lead was available and soft to carve.
Although this is a toy cannon, it is quite heavy and has the hole for the fuse, and in all reality seems to have been a working model. Most that have been found are quite smaller and shot a very small bullet or ball.
The Saber blade marks which have been hacked into the cannon makes one think that either he almost shot someone with it while playing, or scared someone real bad, or maybe even hacked it himself when it flew out of his hand while firing and bounced off his head! I guess we will never know!  
You can use the ruler as a guide to the actual size of the toy cannon. Also notice the end of the barrel, you can see the marks which shows that the shaped of the barrel was achieved by carving or shaving it off with a knife.  
This is the group of other items which I  found on the trip in the same area.
The area had so called been pounded for years by many metal detectorist, however, I was able to still find these items, and I would bet my last dollar that someone will go there after me and still find this much or even more. It is never all found! Keep going back!

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