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Genuine Emerald  and diamond ring mounted in a 10K yellow gold ring. Total weigh is 2.7 grams. Size 7 1/4. Genuine Emerald, oval cut, stone size 6x4 mm, with a carat weight of .52. Accent stones are 6 genuine diamonds, round cut, 1mm. $72 SP317

Blue Lace Agate (Authentic) 19 X 16mm Size: 7.75 Weight: 5.8 Grams Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver  $22.95 SPSS10 
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10kt Solid Yellow Gold   Opal and Diamond stones  New   Size 7 $39  SP302

Brecciated Mookite (Authentic) 20 X 13mm Size: 7.75 Weight: 7.4 Grams Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver  $26.95 SPSS11
Additional Photo 2

Citrine (Authentic) 22 X 12mm Size: 8 Weight: 7.8 Grams Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver  $26.95  SPSS12
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Gemstone Type : Natural Emerald Approx. Weight (ct) : 3.90 Ct. Gemstone Shape: Oval Cut ,Size : 11.5 x 8.5 MM Depth : 5.5 MM, Color : Green, Clarity : Translucent, Luster :Excellent, Gemstone Origin : Colombia, Hardness : 7.5 Refractive Index : 1.56 - 1.59 mounted in 10K Yellow gold.  Fancy ring. size 7 $359  SP287 Sold!

Labradorite (Authentic) 19 X 13mm Size: 8.5 Weight: 6.7 Grams Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver  $22.95 SPSS13
Additional Photo 2

Goldstone (Authentic) 17 X 13mm  Size: 7.25  Weight: 6 Grams  Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver $26.95  SPSS14
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Brecciated Mookite (Authentic) 24 X 16mm  Size: 8.25 Weight: 10 Grams  Setting Material: .925 Sterling Silver  $26.95 SPSS15
Additional Photo

Very nice broach made like a turtle, with diamond like rhinestones on the back and in the turtles eyes. Signed "ROMAN" on the back. This is an estate item. $14.99

Spider broach, from an estate sale. Appears to have an onyx type stone mounted in its body. As best as I can tell it is not signed. $9.99


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