My Greatest Treasure
My Greatest Treasure
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  I have been involved in treasure hunting for a long time, and my interest is still going strong in the hobby.  During my past metal detecting experiences I have been lucky enough to find some items that I treasure very much. Many, many other detector users have found treasures that are a lot more valuable than what I have found with a metal detector, and there are hundreds of metal detector users that have found more quantity of treasure items than I have. However, I would like to tell you about one TREASURE that I found ......without a metal detector....but I did have some clues from my friends and family.....and I did have a TREASURE MAP to go by.!!!!

A good treasure hunter is always alert to what people are saying when it comes to treasure. Many good clues to finding the treasure may be attained this way. An authentic treasure map is sure to put you at the source of a treasure if the treasure is still available to be had.


Now let me tell you about the Treasure and how I found it.


I  had heard a lot about this TREASURE from the time I was just a little boy, as mater of fact, ever since I can remember. But, I guess I was like a lot of other treasure hunters today, that just don't really take stock in facts, stories , or clues . And like a lot of treasure hunters, I was slow letting it sink in that the clues and stories had to have a reality behind them. Finally one day it did occur to me that the treasure had to be real, there was just too many people talking about it, and the stories that I was hearing were too close to the same to not be real. So what I did was listen to the clues and stories and take some directions as to where I could find a map to this TREASURE.  Not just any ole map....but a true, authentic TREASURE MAP. I read the map, studied the map, and by doing so was on my way to finding the TREASURE for my self.


More Explanations About My Greatest TREASURE


The clues that I am talking about were obtained from being raised in good Christian home and around good Christian people. I was slow in letting the clues and stories sink in.. and...accepting them as reality and truth.  From hearing so many stories from so many people who had already found this TREASURE... and that were willing to share their TREASURE, I found me a TREASURE MAP. The Map was my BIBLE, and it lead me to the greatest treasure that one could ever find, which is my SAVIOR and LORD JESUS. Not only did I find and accept this great TREASURE, but my TREASURE MAP tells me that  MY TREASURES are laid up in HEAVEN. I would like to encourage you to find PEACE, and SALVATION with your life. The TREASURE map is easy to obtain. If I can offer you any more advice on how to recover this TREASURE please contact me, cause there is enough of it for everyone to share.


Thanks for listening about my GREATEST TREASURE


God Bless and Keep You


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