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This is some type of "Bar" shaped item, which appears to have the eyes to sew it to a uniform, and a piece hanging down to attach some other object, such as a metal.


Company letter "M"


This is an unusual type buckle. Made of iron and has a date on the bottom, which appears to be 186?.


I am not sure what the purpose of this lead item is, I have found these before myself and also seen them found by others.


This appears to be a lead seal. Not sure how old it is or what it was used for. I was told by one person who had found several of them that they were used for something on the railroad? Anyway, the patina of the lead is the same as the mini balls which are found in this same area.


Always a great find, a love token made from a 1853 half dime. I am still amazed at the quality of engraving the folks of that time period were able to do.


North Carolina State Seal button.


Various pewter flat buttons, on gilt or writing on back of them.


Cannon ball fuse or plug?



Unusual type button and a wedding band.


Script "I" button in great un-cleaned condition.

  Jew's harp. This is the smallest one that I have seen.

Shoe taps.

  Pair of seated 1852 dimes

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