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  Here are some interesting metal detecting finds that  Lou has found. Odd or unusual items like these are always a pleasure to find.  Also finds like these are often quite valuable to collectors. Good job Lou.  
  Nice Boy Scout item , notice George Washington in upper left corner.
  Locket with picture in pretty good shape.
  Hat Tag: find the  hat , stick it in the mail box and the company returns it to the rightful owner.
  Another Locket….. The most interesting one I have seen found. Looks like a mine cut diamond in the back and the other side has a clear face and the lock of some ones hair is still inside.
  Collection of toy soldiers
  Good display of items. Notice the two buckles in the lower right corner.
img85.jpg (8921 bytes)   While detecting in a wooded area he found an area where an old bed mattress had been discarded and decayed. Under the springs of the mattress he found this pile of money that had obviously been hidden in the mattress.
Leonard had the find of a life time with this CS Plate.  Notice the back appears to still have a fragment of the leather left. Look this one up in your buckle book….Great find!!!
  Only a short time later Leonard again struck pay dirt with this US plate….I think he is on a roll!!!!

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