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img105.jpg (4432 bytes)   John B. found this item made from a minnie ball. The make apparently was wearing it on a string because of the hole at the top.  This clock like object is interesting because of the time the soldier has indicated on it!  Wonder what this specific time means? ...The time appears to be 5:45…...but for some reason the item has 13 hour dots instead of 12!
img106.gif (21360 bytes) Richard came through again with this great find...4 main militia buttons. All these were in great shape also.  Richard not only finds very good buttons...but buttons that are in very good condition.  
img107.gif (24023 bytes) img108.gif (20865 bytes) Dave S found this type of Virginia State Seal button.
It is about the size of a cuff button, but notice the wire shank from the back side...Anybody got any ideas?
img109.gif (16074 bytes) img110.gif (20004 bytes) Ron K  found this nice token...good for 21/2 cents in trade at F&T Bilard Hall
img111.gif (10754 bytes)   Brian found these  nice items shortly after buying his detector.  I believe this is one of the nicest old class rings I have seen.  I think the date was 1923. Also the silver broach was even stamped on the back by the designer or maker. It is a very nice old broach
img113.gif (22941 bytes)   This is my latest Diamond ring wife laid claims to it as soon as see saw it.
img114.gif (18038 bytes)   Another Gold ring to add to my collection. Found the week before the ring above.

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