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  Scott seems to be having pretty good luck with his new metal detector. There's a good variety from bullets, buttons (including 4 different types of infantry), friction primers, gun parts, a Richmond spur, knapsack parts, lantern wick adjustment with 1863 patent, eating utensils, 3 brass toe plates, 3 brass watch keys, a Springfield rifle bayonet scabbard tip and numerous other items. The second photograph is a closer look at some button he found. Very nice!  


  Jim found this button in Pennsylvania, where he also recovered several colonial coins. At first glance the button appears to have the image of a woman on it, but after closer inspection, it appears to be a soldier with a uniform on which has a high collar. Also notice that the button has an eagle with its head at about 1 o'clock. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Tom was detecting at a house site (no house) from the late 1800s  found among other things a button for the Knoxville Traction Company.  He did a search on the web and the KTC was a rail service in Knoxville 1897-1904.  I am not sure how the button would end up here on "possum" creek.  
 Here is the pic of the Spanish piece of eight  found at an old settlers fort site. This was found by T. G. a very nice find. The detail on this "cob" is very good as you can see. Nice find! T.G.  
img35.jpg (4788 bytes) Dave found this very unique silver and gold ring. It is very ornate and the first of its kind that I have seen. I think some people call it a snuff box ring and others a pill box ring. The workmanship of the ring and also the condition of the ring is great.  Attempts to verify the age of the ring have been in vain. If you have an idea about the age of the ring or the value please email me and I will pass the info on to him.
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