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  This stone was found in East Tennessee, approximately 40 years ago. As you can see there is some kind of carving on the stone. The carving covers the top of the stone as well as wrapping around the side. The Person who found the stone years ago said when he found it he was curious as to what might be inside of it. The result of his curiosity was that he broke the stone in half (You can see the crack in this photo running vertically.)
   When the stone was broken in half he discovered a hollow spot in the center of the stone that was filled with some kind of powder.
  As you can see in this photo, the stone had at one time been cut in half (note the seam running horizontally). He was told by someone that this was a carved stone which had been put in sand, and by rubbing a grapevine in a sawing motion (as using a hand saw) that the stone was cut in half. Later it was reassemble with some type substance they used similar to today's mortar.
  One theory was that the ashes possibly of a small child had been placed inside of the stone and sealed again. I would appreciate any ideas anyone has about this stone

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