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KENS COIN.JPG (13968 bytes) Ken found this item at a bridge which was burned down during the civil war.  One side has the numbers and the other the initials SLC Does anyone know what this is? Could it be associated with the civil war or maybe some type of ID of the workers who built the bridge?
img180.gif (23571 bytes) What are these worth?  The treasure hunter found 13 of these nickel Ingots which weigh 3 lbs each. He wants to know what they are worth!
img181.gif (32098 bytes) Pat , a Civil War relic hunter, found this item at a hospital site. He also has one that is 2/3 the size of this one. It took two different size keys to open. Scratches at four corners and curvature of lock plate indicate it has been pried or cut off with a knife. If you have and idea of what this is please let us know
PRUSSIAN COIN.JPG (27063 bytes) Tommy found this Prussian Coin....Can anyone  give us some info on it as to what it is and the value?              
Thanks goes out to W.C. who helped with info on this item, W.C. sent in the following information: The Prussian Coin that Tommy wants information on, I found in the standard catalog of WORLD COINS 18th edition, copyright MXMI by KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS, INC,. on page 693, as being minted with the "D" mint mark in Aurich  -East Friesland  Prussia. On obverse is the face of Friedrich Wilhelm III, ruler 1797-1840. The coin is a 1/6th THALER, Fine $4.00, VF $10.00,XF-45.00. As this is a fairly old book, the value may have increased somewhat.

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