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This button is kind of hard to see, but it has the image of an eagle's head engraved in it. It is about the size of a dime. This was found at a very old house site, and the button has been under water for approximately sixty years.
img45.gif (20053 bytes) img46.gif (19404 bytes) This object appears to be brass, as it has a very nice green patina. It was found in a Civil War Camp site.  The front side has the wording "JEWETT BIGELOW & BROOKS" "BLACK JOE" and a comical image of a man. The reverse side has "finder please return to Jewett Bigelow & Brooks, Detroit  5786"
Find ID'd: JEWETT BIGELOW & BROOKS" "BLACK JOE looks like the coins that a coal company used to keep track of hoe many men went down into the mine shaft. The men would give up his coin when he went down and retrieved it when he came back up . That way the foreman would know if everybody was out of the mine. Dan S.
img47.gif (36384 bytes) This has been identified as being a campaign badge for Thomas Jefferson.
img50.gif (32610 bytes) Any help on this one would be appreciated. Bill C. found his plate in Penn.  It has the "KNIGHTS OF THE TEMPLAR"  emblem on it. The plate was found on one occasion and the missing piece on another.


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